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The Wolf is really coming! Glass fiber prices increased across the board

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10 days ago, there has been only a decline in the glass fiber market, suddenly there are two "unusual" emerged, sheet yarn and felt yarn strong rise. Then there was a panic downstream, and prices rose steadily under the impetus of strong stocking by the products factory.

Did not expect the market to change so fast, more than a week, this round of rise has spread to the direct yarn. Yesterday or the weekend received a message from friends, direct yarn will also raise the price.

Early this morning, leading stone suddenly issued a price increase letter, direct yarn recovery price of 200-400 yuan/ton, silk cake yarn recovery price of 300-600 yuan/ton.

Look at the words of the big boss, there is a level, this is called the price!

With this move, 3,000 points are finally held.

It seems that this increase is not particularly large, but don't forget what the current glass fiber market is like, manufacturers are selling at a loss, traders can only earn a ton of tens of difference. Even if you raise it by two or three hundred dollars, you'll cry for joy.

And a few industry friends exchange, the main reasons for this round of rise are: ① glass factory selling direct yarn losses are serious, a rising heart has been unable to keep down; ② After the Spring Festival, the demand of some industries has recovered significantly, and exports are also good, which are better than expected; ③ The inventory of some manufacturers has been significantly low, in the 2023 annual report disclosed by Sinoma, the stock of glass fiber is only 170,000 tons. The inventory of megaliths, according to people familiar with the matter, has also dropped significantly from the previous high; ④ Others, understand all.

In addition, since the start of this year, the price of glass fiber has fallen a small wave and failed to hold 3000 points. So the rally looks somewhat justified.

Of course, this round of counterattack is provoked by the glass factory, whether it can be accomplished, the probability is no problem, after all, the group attacked. But it remains to be seen how far this round of counterattacks will go.

But for the glass factory, once this round of upward adjustment has become, it is of great significance!

The price of direct yarn has been declining for more than a year, constantly refreshing the record low, leading some people to shout out the slogan of waiting for 2000 yuan/ton. Although the glass factory does not want to listen to these words, but the heart is uncertain, this increase is a strong confidence injection for them.

On the other hand, this increase eases the huge pressure on small factories. According to the annual report feedback in 2023, there are only three glass factories that can make profits and Changhai, which also leads to the news that small factories have stopped kilns at a loss. This wave of upward adjustment, it can be a pure profit for manufacturers!

More importantly, the price increase is conducive to cash flow activation, for some struggling factories, it is really a blessing in a long drought.

Just how far this round of price increases can actually go, first of all, look at the willingness of the big guys, more importantly, look at supply and demand, the amount of supply is amplified, if the demand can not hold up, it is also the attic in the air.

This time, it really is the Wolf. With the increase in the price of direct yarn, the price of glass fiber will usher in a wave of overall increase. Longbow man still suggests that the downstream should be light, it is best to purchase according to order, to avoid further pushing up prices due to panic stocking.

Just the weakness of human nature is not chasing down, look at the plate yarn now what it looks like, I know that this appeal is equal to useless.

With this move, 3,000 points are finally held.以上翻译结果来自有道神经网络翻译(YNMT)· 通用场景

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