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Pultruded Fiberglass Tube

FRP hollow rod Fiberglass round rod & hollow pipe
FRP round tube is widely used as umbrella frame,tent pole,tool handles,flagstick,curtain rod, agricultural greenhouses stent, garden fence,fishing accessories and so on.
Length and colors are not limited,Custom size are accepted,if not fnding the specification you demand,please contact us.

Pultruded Fiberglass Tube has the following remarkable characteristics:

High strength: It has very high tensile strength and bending strength, and can withstand relatively large external forces and loads.

Light weight: It is relatively lighter in weight compared to some other materials, which is convenient for handling and installation.

Good corrosion resistance: It can resist the erosion of a variety of chemical substances and can still remain stable in harsh chemical environments.

Excellent electrical insulation: It is a good electrical insulator and is suitable for electrical-related fields.

High dimensional stability: It is not easy to deform and can maintain the long-term stability of the shape.

Strong fatigue resistance: It can still maintain good performance under the condition of long-term repeated stress.

Great design flexibility: Different shapes, sizes and cross-sections can be customized according to specific needs.

Relatively good thermal stability: It can work normally within a certain temperature range.

Low maintenance cost: Due to its durability and corrosion resistance and other characteristics, the later maintenance requirements are relatively small.

Wave transmissibility: It has application advantages in some occasions where electromagnetic waves need to pass through.

Environmentally friendly: It can be recycled and is relatively friendly to the environment.



Pultruded Fiberglass Tube processing technology:

Pultruded Fiberglass Tube is a continous production process to produce fiberglass reinforced polymer profiles of any length and contstant section.Reinforce-ment fibers may be roving,continous mat,woven robing,carbon or others.The fibers are impregnated with polymer matrix (resin,minerals,pigments,additives) and passed through a pre-forming station that produces the stratification necessary to give the profile the desired properties,After the pre-forming step,the resin-impregnated fibers are pulled through a heated die to polymerize the resin.


Company Profile


Packaging & Shipping


Plywood case/ wood pallet/ container.

According to the sizes, quantities and customers’ request.


Usually, we ship the goods from Qingdao,Shanghai and Tianjin Port.

If have any need, we also can send the goods to other ports or delivery places.



Q: 1. Can I have a sample order?

    A: Yes, sample is available. Mixed samples are acceptable.

Q: 2. What is the lead time?

    A: Usually 7 days or according to quantity

Q: 3. What is the minimum order quantity?

     A: Our MOQ is 1000 meters

Q: 4. What is the price policy of your company?

       A: The price is different according to the order quantity , the more the cheaper.

       For more detailed information, you can contact us freely

Q: 5. What is the package?

    A: We offer pallets, wooden case, steel frame packaging, or according to customer's demand

Q: 6. Can I visit your company?  

    A: Welcome, look forward to your arrival and we will pick up you from Beijing airport and lead you to visit our factory


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