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Polyurethane Profile

The polyurethane composite profiles is a kind of new composite material made with the pultrusion technology, which uses PU as base material and fiberglass or related products as reinforcing material.
In properties, the PU composite material boasts high strength, modulus, impact strength, oxygen index, heat-insulating performance and low expansivity, etc.

Product description of Polyurethane Profile.

Polyurethane Profile (polyurethane profiles) has the following remarkable characteristics:

It is a material with excellent performance, possessing good wear resistance, corrosion resistance and weather resistance. Its texture is tough and elastic, and can adapt to different usage environments and working conditions. In appearance, Polyurethane Profile can present a variety of colors and surface textures to meet different aesthetic needs. The size of this profile is precise and can be customized and processed according to specific needs, with a high degree of flexibility. It also has good sound insulation and heat insulation properties, which can enhance the comfort of the place of use to a certain extent. In addition, Polyurethane Profile is relatively light in weight, facilitating handling and installation, and at the same time shows reliable stability and durability during long-term use, providing an excellent choice for applications in many fields.

Advantage of polyurethane profiles:
1.Corrosion resistant and anti-ageing
2.Light weight and high strength
3.Flam Retardant
4.Non-magnetism and non-conductive

Qualification Certificates:


The following are the common processing techniques for "Polyurethane Profile":

1. Cutting: Use appropriate cutting tools, such as sawing machines, to cut the polyurethane profile into the required lengths and shapes.

2. Milling: Through milling machines, various shapes of milling processing are carried out on the profile to meet specific design requirements.

3. Drilling: Use drilling equipment to drill the required holes on the profile.

4. Grinding: Grind the surface of the profile to remove burrs and improve the surface flatness and smoothness.

5. Bonding: Appropriate adhesives can be used to bond different polyurethane profiles together.

6. Surface treatment: Conduct surface treatments such as coating and painting according to needs to increase the aesthetics, corrosion resistance, etc.


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