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Polyurethane Composites

Advantage of polyurethane composites:
*Good wear resistance
*High tensile strength
*High load capacity
*High-temperature resistant
*Excellent dynamic mechanical formulation
*Oil resistance
*Hydrolysis resistance

Product Description

Compared PU with plastic, polyurethane composites not only offers excellent impact resistance, but also offers excellent wear resistant and high tensile strength. Polyurethane have subsituted metals in sleeve bearings, wear plates, conveyor rollers, rollers and various other parts, with benefits such as weight reduction, noise abatement and wear improvements.

Advantage of polyurethane composites:

· Good wear resistance

· High tensile strength

· Anti-static

· High load capacity

· High-temperature resistant

· Excellent dynamic mechanical formulation

· Oil resistance

· Solvent resistance

· Hydrolysis resistance

· antioxidant

Qualification Certificates:


Processing Technique:

Fiberglass structural Profile production is a continous production process to produce fiberglass reinforced polymer profiles of any length and contstant section.Reinforce-ment fibers may be roving,continous mat,woven robing,carbon or others.The fibers are impregnated with polymer matrix (resin,minerals,pigments,additives) and passed through a pre-forming station that produces the stratification necessary to give the profile the desired properties,After the pre-forming step,the resin-impregnated fibers are pulled through a heated die to polymerize the resin.


Our polyurethane composites


Application of polyurethane composites:

    - Machine parts

    - U groove for aluminium

    - PU screen mesh

    - Industrial impeller

    - Mining scraper

    - Mining water flume

    - Screen printing squeegee

    - Car film tools

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