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Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer Profiles

We are a leading exporter/mfr of fiberglass pultrusion profiles, sections, shapes , Fiberglass FRP/GRP molded and pultruded grating and pultrusion prfiles, sections, shapes in China.

1.Product Description

Advantages of Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer Profiles


Light Weight, high strength – easier to transport and install with standard tools


Impact resistant – fiberglass mat distributes the load to prevent surface damage


Corrosion Resistant – won’t rot or rust and absorbs minimal moisture


Safety – won’t conduct electricity, and non-slip surfaces are available


Long-lasting – lower lifetime cost than traditional building materials


Low thermal conductivity – does not easily conduct heat or cold


Non-electrical conductivity, with non magnetic property


Humidity resistant – no shrinking or swelling


Chemical resistant – mild acid-alkali proof


Fire resistant – for customers’ choice



The process of glass fiber reinforced polymer profiles is generally as follows:

1. Material preparation: Prepare glass fibers and polymer resins.

2. Fiber impregnation: Immerse the glass fibers in the resin to ensure thorough impregnation.

3. Profile forming: Use specific molding methods such as pultrusion or extrusion to form the profiles according to the designed shape.

4. Curing: Allow the resin to cure under appropriate conditions to solidify the profiles.

5. Finishing: Perform finishing operations such as trimming, sanding, and surface treatment as needed.

6. Quality inspection: Inspect the profiles for various quality indicators to ensure they meet the required standards.


Product Pictures of fiberglass frp grp pultrusion profiles, sections, shapes


2.Product Description of fiberglass pultrusion profiles. sections, shapes

We are a leading exporter/mfr of  fiberglass pultrusion profiles, sections, shapes , Fiberglass FRP/GRP molded and pultruded grating and pultrusion prfiles, sections, shapes  in China.  

Our FRP pultruded grating can be T and I-bar, 25mm, 38mm, 50mm thickness and profiles can be I-beam, L-angle, C-channel, T-bar, Round tube, Square tube, Y-beam, Rod, and FRP handrail (dia of 50mm round tube, or square tube 50X50mm) system, ladder. stair nosing, platform, tactile tiles, cable bracket, anti-slip…

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