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GRP Fence

FRP GRP palisade fence, a highly effective alternative to traditional steel fencing because of the non-conductive, lightweight and corrosion resistant properties, whilst still maintaining the strength.

GRP Fence, a highly effective alternative to traditional steel fencing because of the non-conductive, lightweight and corrosion resistant properties, whilst still maintaining the strength.

Grp fence Advantages

Ease of Assembly: our handrail is produced in lightweight standard sections that include both post and rail. The system can be prefabricated in large sections and shipped to the site or fabricated and installed on site with simple carpenter tools.


Cost Effectiveness: Fiberglass components and easy to assemble design provide savings on labor and maintenance, resulting in long term savings and eliminating the cost and inconvenience of "downtime for repairs" in plant operations.


Low Maintenance: Corrosion resistant fiberglass with molded-in color will outlast aluminum or steel systems with virtually no maintenance.


Colors: our handrail systems are produced in a standard safety yellow color and grey color. Other colors are available upon request.

Qualification Certificates:


The production process of GRP Fence usually includes the following steps:

1. Mold inspection: Before making the fiberglass reinforced plastic fence, it is necessary to check whether the mold is uncoated to ensure the product quality;

2. Material preparation: Prepare the required fiber reinforced materials, such as fiberglass cloth or mat, and carry out surface treatment. At the same time, select the appropriate resin and additives;

3. Preparation before production: Ensure that the fiber reinforced materials are dry and free of grease. In the rubber coating, check whether the rubber coating gels (soft and not sticky);

4. Laying fiberglass: Lay the fiberglass cloth or mat on the mold according to the design requirements to ensure that it is tightly adhered without bubbles;

5. Applying resin: Use a brush or spray gun to evenly apply the resin on the fiberglass to make it fully impregnated;

6. Removing bubbles: During the process of applying the resin, bubbles should be removed in time to ensure the tight combination between the fiberglass and the resin;

7. Curing and shaping: Place the mold in an appropriate environment and let the resin cure and shape under a certain temperature and time;

8. Demolding and post-treatment: After the resin is cured, demold and carry out post-treatment, such as cutting, grinding, painting, etc., to meet the requirements of the product.

The above is the general production process of fiberglass reinforced plastic fence, and the specific process flow may vary depending on the design and requirements of the product.


Outdoor FRP Pultrusion Profiles


Why Choose Us

1. Factory custom fabricate
2. Factory price
3. UV stabilized & Aging
4. Ease install & Low maintenance


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Our Services

a. offer competitive price, we are one 20 years old fiberglass pultrusion manufacturer, not only trading company, price will be much competitive

b. offer free sample for customer checking

c. .offer good delivery time: 10 to 35 days( different according to order quantity)

d.  good and timely service, please contact us freely if you have any question


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