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Fiberglass Rectangular Tube

Properties of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic RectangularTube include:
Corrosion resistant
Non-conductive thermally & electrically
Non-magnetic electromagnetic transparency
Lightweight(3/4the weight of structural steel)
Dimensional stability
Radio waves can pass through.

The characteristics of Fiberglass Rectangular Tube:

1. High strength and rigidity, able to withstand certain loads.

2. Good corrosion resistance, suitable for various environments.

3. Light weight, facilitating handling and installation.

4. Stable physical and chemical properties.

5. Good insulation performance.

6. Resistance to aging and weathering.

The applications of fiberglass rectangular tubes include:

1. In the construction industry, used for structural support and reinforcement.

2. For the manufacturing of industrial equipment frames and brackets.

3. In the electrical and electronics field, as conduits or enclosures.

4. Utilized in the automotive industry for certain components.

5. Applied in the furniture industry for some structural parts.

6. Used in the aerospace industry for lightweight and durable components.



The processing technology of fiberglass rectangular tubes generally includes the following steps:

1. Material preparation: Prepare the fiberglass and resin materials.

2. Mixing: Mix the fiberglass and resin evenly.

3. Extrusion or pultrusion: Use extrusion or pultrusion equipment to form the basic shape of the rectangular tube.

4. Curing: Allow the product to cure and solidify under appropriate conditions.

5. Trimming and finishing: Trim the edges and perform necessary surface finishing operations.


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Q: How can you guarantee your product quality?

A: 100% of our products will be tested before delivery. To control quality, we are using high quality material from high quality supplier.

Q: Which countries have you exported to?
A: We have exported the our frp products to Australia, Malaysia, Japan, Canada, Romania, Thailand etc.

Q: I am interested in your products, could I get sample for free?

A: We could supply a few pieces of FREE samples if we have some in stock. All you need to do is kindly offering your shipping account.

Q: Can you do the design for us?

A: Yes. With experienced teams in fiberglass product design and manufacturing, we can provide customized shape, dimension, colors service.


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