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Fiberglass Composite Profiles


Fiberglass composite profiles as popular and new composite building material, it has widely use area, such as, chemical plant,sewage treatment, industry plant,bridge,agriculture,sports and leisure etc.


Fiberglass Composite Profiles, whose Chinese name is glass fiber reinforced composite profiles, has the following characteristics:

• High strength and high stiffness: The fiberglass reinforced composite profiles possess excellent mechanical properties and can bear relatively large loads.

• Light weight: Compared with traditional metallic materials, it is lighter in weight, facilitating transportation and installation.

• Good corrosion resistance: It can resist the erosion of a variety of chemical substances and maintain stable performance in harsh environments.

• Good electrical insulation: It is suitable for application in electrical-related fields.

• High design flexibility: It can be relatively easily made into various complex shapes and sizes.

• Strong anti-fatigue performance: It can still maintain good performance under long-term cyclic loading.

• Relatively good heat insulation and sound insulation performance.

• Good durability: It has a relatively long service life.

• Recyclability: It can be recycled to a certain extent and is relatively environment-friendly.

• Good dimensional stability: It is not prone to large deformation due to factors such as temperature.

Fiberglass composite profiles Additional Generic Physical Property Data



typical value




Barcol Hardness



Water Absorption


1.0 max

Electrical Strength



Coeff.of thermal expansion

deg C×10-6


Coeff.of thermal conductivity

W/m deg C


Qualification Certificates:


The production process flow of fiberglass reinforced composite profiles generally includes the following main steps:

1. Raw material preparation: Prepare the main raw materials such as fiberglass and resin.

2. Fiber impregnation: Fully impregnate the fiberglass in the resin through a specific device to ensure good bonding.

3. Mold preparation: Clean and prepare the mold with the required shape.

4. Layering: Place the fiberglass impregnated with resin in the mold according to the design requirements to form the required profile structure layer.

5. Curing: Make the resin cure through heating or other methods, so that the profile is formed and obtains certain strength and performance.

6. Demolding: Take the cured profile out of the mold.

7. Post-treatment: It may include operations such as trimming, grinding, and inspection to ensure the quality and dimensional accuracy of the profile.

8. Packaging and storage: Package the qualified profiles for storage and transportation.


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